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Additions & Whole House Remodeling

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Lennox Smith

whole house remodel interior Whole House Remodel in Aptos

Seacliff Construction & Design did an extensive remodel and addition to my house. The kitchen was remodeled as well as one bathroom. The second bathroom was turned into a laundry room. Seacliff also removed the carpeting in the dining room and installed a porcelain tile floor to match the one in the kitchen. We also added a master bathroom and walk-in closet. Len (the owner) is an excellent designer and helped me select materials and match colors. I highly recommend Seacliff Construction and Design. – M. Haber 

Full Service Remodeling

As a full service home remodeling construction company we have completed many whole house remodels throughout Santa Cruz County and a few significant home projects in Monterey and Santa Clara Counties.

Whole house remodels often include redesigning floor plans, adding square footage, exterior makeovers, structural reinforcement, kitchens, bathrooms, weather guarding and smart home technologies. Adding dormers or converting attic space to livable space can also be an aspect of whole house remodeling.

Whole House Remodel Aptos Seascape

Another popular remodeling feature is the design and installation of Aging-in-Place amenities, such as stair lifts, throughway and stairwell widening, exterior ramps and rails, and bathroom upgrades.

Remodeled Staircase

A Smart Design Process

A successful whole house remodel project begins with discussion and design. Defining a clear goal at the outset of a project is essential before any construction can begin. Scoping and assessment of the existing structural integrity is equally important.

It is our intention to approach each whole house remodeling project with a clear sense of balancing durability, functionality, aesthetics and budget. Sometimes the most sound solutions are also the most cost effective.

You can read about our approach and remodeling process on our Process page.