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Home Remodel Services

Additions & Whole House Remodels

Seacliff Construction & Design has completed many whole house remodels in the Santa Cruz County area. In addition to our construction services, we offer in-house design. We also work with architects that have been contracted by a homeowner and help create a smart and economically viable plan.

Need and extra room? A larger kitchen and dining area that opens to a backyard? A second floor? We know how to add up the benefits of adding extra floor space to your home.


Kitchen remodels are our number one client request. And rightly so. For many households, a kitchen can be considered the hub, or center of attention. It’s important for a kitchen to look great, function well and have an natural flow.


We have remodeled many styles of bathrooms — from luxury jacuzzi-centric baths to bathrooms designed for Aging in Place. Also a very important room for many families, bathroom remodeling continues to be a common client request.

Aging in Place Improvements

We are well versed in the design of Aging in Place homes. We have included Aging in Place design features and amenities in many of our remodeling projects. A good portion of these clients are simply preparing for the future as they age in the home they’ve built and love.

Decks & Outdoor Spaces

We think of decks and outdoor spaces as the transition from indoors to outdoors. A nicely finished deck or patio can be a true haven for families who enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of home amenities.