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Kitchen Remodel

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Lennox Smith

Kitchen remodels are our number one client request—and for good reason. Not only can upgraded kitchens add value to a house, for many households the kitchen is the hub of the house, the place where families and friends gather. So it’s important for a kitchen to look great, function well, and have a natural flow.

We are experts at putting together the pieces that make up a successful kitchen experience—helping homeowners find the cabinets, appliances and other materials that suit their personal styles and aesthetics. We can also design and build the functional infrastructure that will support their kitchen design dreams.

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“We can’t speak highly enough about Lennox Smith and his crew at Seacliff.  They are professional, responsive, and helpful. Our job was small in the scheme of things, but we were treated as if our remodel were a $1,000,000 job. Lennox is helpful with design features, made numerous suggestions that enhanced the outcome successfully guided our remodel to its conclusion. The finished product reflects Lennox’s strong work ethic and integrity. We are VERY happy with the finished kitchen.”  Liz and Van Adams

Material and Appliance Choices

Material choices are regarded as major point in a kitchen’s styling. Materials can be selected for aesthetic and durability reasons. Materials apply to counter tops, cabinet styling, flooring choices, lighting, plumbing fixtures and sinks.

Appliances are also a major decision in a kitchen remodel. What works well for one family may not work at all for another family. Built-in refrigerators, double ovens, dishwasher in a drawer, stove top and range choices are some of the appliance choices that we present during the kitchen design process.

Cabinets: The Face and Functionality

The range of cabinetry style choices is broad. On the exterior, some of our clients prefer a warm country styling while others prefer a slick, clean urban feel. In some ways you can consider the cabinetry as the “face” of your kitchen. Cabinetry can tell a lot about the homeowner’s personal style.

While the face of cabinetry tells one story, it is the mechanics behind the cabinets that serves the functional side of a kitchen. These days the cabinet feature options are plentiful. Full extension roll-out shelving and drawers, tray storage cabinets, trash and recycling cabinets, swing-out and lift-down shelving, tilt panel sink fronts for cleaning utensils, appliance garages, and spice rack pull-outs are all becoming standard kitchen features. Features such as these work no matter what the face the cabinets embrace.

Kitchen Remodel Experts

We are experts at putting together all of the pieces that make up a successful kitchen experience, no matter your family’s lifestyle preferences. Fundamentally, any style of kitchen has to function well for the people who will be using it daily. We can help you define, design and build your dream kitchen.